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Customer Service is our primary objective

PDK Investigations prides itself on our customer service. Our clients have direct contact with our investigators to obtain frequent updates and to advise of any last minute changes or details relating to an investigation. This direct access to our investigators avoids problems with communication and enables us to provide our customers with the best service possible.


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Contact Patrick if you have any additional questions about our services and he will be happy to help in any way possible.



Testimonials from long-time clients:


Over the last several years I’ve had the opportunity to work with Pat Lee as my primary investigator. Anybody that’s in the business has probably worked with investigators. I know I’ve worked with a number of folks, and the thing about Pat that I’ve enjoyed the most is that he’s very responsive. He’s also very economical. He does not overcharge in any area that I’m aware of, his prices are reasonable, and he gets things done in a timely fashion with very little follow up.

We use him for subpoenas, and for we use him for investigative aspects of the case. Frankly, we had spent a number of years looking for a reliable, available investigator. And Pat was a guy that we met, we gave him the opportunity, and we’ve been very happy with the service that he’s rendered over the past several years, and we continue to use him in all aspects. I would certainly recommend that anyone else give him a chance for whatever their needs are. He’ll give you his cell phone, he’ll respond to you, he’ll get back to you – and in the past when we’ve asked him or assigned him to a task, he’s given us the results that we need. And if it’s an emergency, he does it in a very quick fashion.

So again, I would recommend his services to anybody.

Marty Palmer
Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice
The Palmer Group



Patrick is fast, he’s efficient, and he’s cost effective. He’s thorough. He’s easy to get in touch with: I can get instant updates from him, and he’s very personable. I never get ‘Hey I can’t talk to you’ or no replies. Worst case scenario, if he’s in the middle of a stakeout, he texts me and says ‘Hey, this is what I’m dealing with, I’ll be with you momentarily.’ So he’s very easy to work with.

I get a really high level of service, but it doesn’t come with this overinflated charge. He knows the value of what he wants to do, he gets it done, and he makes it very comfortable for you to go back to him and say I have another project for you. Every service that I add to my service costs my clients money. So I know exactly what to expect, and it’s very easy to explain to my clients what I think we need to do and how much it will cost. And it always works out. He’s always been able to provide good information for my clients.

Patrick does an excellent job, and I have no problem referring him to other people.

George Melendez
Family Law, Juvenile and Dependency Law
Melendez Law Office



Reviews from Google Business


We have been using PDK Investigations for pre-employment background checks for years. This company is detailed and timely with the reports needed to aide in the decision of hiring an employee. PDK has saved us from so many people that would have been a detriment to our company. We will never use anyone else nor we will ever hire without using their fantastic service. Highly recommend them!
– Bill E.


Patrick and his partner Mike were hired to perform full-spectrum security to help reduce a number of disturbances at a client’s home. They were excellent at keeping myself and the client updated and their meticulous attention to detail was extraordinary. Their presence brought peace of mind to my client; I highly recommend PDK Investigations if you need a professional security/surveillance team! Thank you immensely Patrick and Mike.
– Rachel R.


Patrick Lee is awesome! He had a tough job trying to get my ex served with papers. After a full day spent on the job and tons of roadblocks he got it done. His professionalism and dedication to getting the job done is 5 star in my book. You will not be disappointed.
– Lisa P.



Reviews from Thumbtack


PDK provides excellent, expeditious, cost effective private investigation work and service of process work. Highly recommend utilizing PDK for your personal and business needs.
– Bruce K.


Pat Lee is the only real choice for our office when it comes to investigation services and process serving. PDK is impressive with its professionalism, timeliness, and overall execution of its business. Special thanks to Mr. Lee for every time he has worked with me!
– Brie J.


Patrick Lee was prompt and professional in assisting me with some legal documents that I needed notarized on a recent trip to the VA Bay Pines Hospital. I highly recommend him and intend to use him again when in need of such services.
– Duncan K.



Reviews from Facebook


I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with PDK. Patrick was extremely helpful, professional and efficient. I will recommend PDK in the future for anyone needing their services. Thanks again.
– Shawn C.


He was recommended by an attorney and he provided excellent and prompt service. I would use him again.
– Kim J.